Report-Back on Los Angeles Venezuela Demonstration

On Saturday, March 17, members of the Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and Social Justice (CPRSJ) attended a small ANSWER-dominated rally in downtown Los Angeles against US intervention in Venezuela, as we share the aim of opposing any US imperialist attack or strangulation of that country. Chants from the stage included “Hands Off Venezuela,” but also the more problematic and myopic “Venezuela Is Not Divided,” implying that the entire people is behind the increasingly authoritarian Maduro government.

Our slogans, as seen on the signs in the photo above, emphasized a firm opposition to US imperialism and intervention plans. But, unlike ANSWER, we also stressed that our solidarity is with the people, not the regime, and that we support socialist democracy and accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Report-Back on Los Angeles Venezuela Demonstration”

  1. Thank you for taking a principled stand in defense of the Venezuelan people. Self-determination must mean Venezuelans are allowed to have their own internal debates. Even the left in Venezuela is not all uniting uncritically behind Maduro. I would recommend following Marea Socialista, for example. In many ways the Maduro government is consolidating power in ways that undermine democracy, while at the same time handling the oligarchs with kid gloves. As Rosa Luxemburg would say, the revolution must press forward or else it will get thrown back further than from where it started. I cringe every time Maduro talks about being buddies with the president of Iran or Turkey. Groups like ANSWER erase class struggle in favor of Cold War politicking, and betray the concept of working class internationalism. Bolsonaro was elected in Brazil, does that mean socialists should unite behind him too? Is it imperialist to stand in solidarity with the opposition? This logic is ridiculous and I fear the left is setting itself up for more losses.


  2. I don’t believe that they meant to imply that the entire people are united. Clearly there is a divide and as some of the eloquent speakers mentioned, it is divided by class and by skin color, with the whiter and richer Venezuelans overwhelmingly supporting the opposition and the vast majority of the rest of the country standing with Maduro, just as they did with Chavez. Self determination for the Venezuelan people is an admirable goal but the way to that is not through U.S. or any other imperialist intervention. There is SO much more to the story that is being censored by the U.S. media. The opposition groups have been the violent ones and they are claiming that it is the government. The fact of the matter is this is no clear cut situation, it is much more nuanced than we are being led to believe.


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